The Final Word

When I started JobTalk, I was in between jobs, obsessed with all-things-career. I spent a lot of hours thinking about what I wanted to write about. And out of those hours came JobTalk. After I had gone back to work, I still wanted to continue JobTalk. But I also knew that I wanted to make changes to the content: make it better, of course!. But work dictated my life, and it simply was not feasible for me to spend energy on JobTalk.

More and more time passed. And as that time passed, my desire to interview people about their jobs waned. Not because I don’t love interviewing people and hearing their stories. In fact, every time I interviewed someone new, I felt like I uncovering this top-secret information that would help others figure out how to “do” their careers. I just wanted to put all my time into my own professional development.

Enjoy the interviews. Keep in mind, they are time sensitive. Still you may find some interesting perspectives that can help you while you’re on your embarking on your career path.

Looking for Inspiration? Read about Maria Popova and then Hop over to Brain Pickings

If you’re looking to get inspired, read this piece in today’s NYT about Maria Popova, founder of Brain Pickings. And if you don’t know what Brain Pickings is, you really need to check out the site.

Want to learn secrets from successful mompreneurs? Check out an article in U.S. 1, in which the mompreneurs on JobTalk’s previous Mompreneurs Panel were featured. Continue reading

How to Win Princeton Pitch 2013

To win the Princeton Pitch competition, you have to explain the value of your idea, the market for it, and the business plan – all in 60 seconds. And if you could do all of that, you still have to have the best idea.

Princeton Pitch, a program of The Princeton Entrepreneurship Club, held its third annual event in Dodds Auditorium last night. Thirty-three aspiring entrepreneurs pitched their plans, some just mere ideas, and some already in execution to standing room only in homes of winning first prize of 1K. A panel of six (mainly VCs) judged the competition. Continue reading

9 Tips from Princeton Mompreneurs for Starting a Business

So you want to start a business from home while you raise your kids? “It’s possible, but it’s going to be a lot harder that you think it is,” said small business owner Molly Vernon.

Vernon, who owns the children’s clothing store Luxaby Baby & Child, located in downtown Princeton, joined Mompreneurs Mimi Omicienski and Hilary Morris to speak on Continue reading

An Important Lesson You Can Learn from the Petraeus Scandal on the Weekly Roundup

With the Petraeus Scandal in mind, Miriam Salpeter of Keppie Careers says that there are certain topics that should be “off limits” for public consumption. That is, don’t broadcast your ideas in writing, especially when it comes to work. Check out Salpeter’s list of off-limit topics by reading her blog post, “Can Your Email Get You Fired?

You’ve heard that when you go on interviews you should ask your potential employer questions. But you have no clue what you’re supposed to ask. Let this list, “31 Top Job Interview Questions You should Ask” from Career Expert Hannah Morgan be your guide.

Job seekers, your mantra should be, “I will differentiate myself.” And over on the Fresh Transition’s blog, Jonathan Kreindler gives you the scoop on how to do it. Hint: it starts with letting go of conventional approaches to your job search.

Need a little inspiration? Check out The Daily’s Muse’s interview with Debbi Fields, Founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies.

UMichigan English Major Disputes Refrain “English Is a Useless Major”

Recently, I reached out to some college students that I know and asked them to write about how they chose their majors. The following is post by Tanaz Ahmed, a freshman at University of Michigan.

Whenever I tell people that I plan on majoring in English there is often an unspoken, sometimes even spoken, sentiment that I’m pursuing something that isn’t “job-worthy.” Most (my parents included) just want to know, why English? There are hundreds of Continue reading

Developing Your Personal Brand is Essential for Your Career

Today’s Weekly Roundup starts with a must read article in the WSJ, “Must-Have Job Skills in 2013.” Number 2 on the list? Personal branding. If you aren’t leaving your personal-brand thumbprint on the Web, it’s time to get moving!

If you think your chances of making big money with an app are high, you’re fooling yourself. Turns out that you have the same chances of making a million from an app as gold miners had panning for gold. Read the full article, “As Boom Lures App Creators, Tough Part Is Making a Living.”

Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or have been on it for a while, there’s many ways you can boost your career using the tool that you may not know about, and Hanna Morgan tells you what they are. Check out Morgan’s article, “8 Ways to Amp up Your Career Using LinkedIn.”

Does College Prepare You for a Career? 5 Recent College Grads Weigh in

Parents, college-bound teens, and well, everyone who’s interested in all-stuff-careers, read on. Five recent college grads, (who all went to the same high ranking school district in New Jersey), share what they’re doing post undergraduate degree, whether or not college prepared them to enter the workforce and more.

Name: Jonathan Birnbaum

College Major: BFA in Acting

College: New York University, Tisch School of the Arts

Internships: None

Work experience during college: waiting tables

What he’s doing now: working at a restaurant in Long Island City, auditioning for shows, and freelancing Continue reading

The Weekly Roundup: What to Do When You Mess up Your Interview and Other Career Tips

Even if you screw up an interview, there is still a chance you can get the job. At the very least, you can take your botched interview and use it as an opportunity to improve. Forbes Contributor Kristi Hedges tell you “How to Come Back Stronger After You Bomb and Interview.” It can be done!

Here’s an idea for the insanely goal-oriented to mull over. Writer Oliver Burkeman argues that goal setting can “do more harm than good.” Check out his article, “Why Setting Goals Could Wreck Your Life” on Fast Company

That career trends are changing is a no brainer. But can you imagine a career-scape where employers advertise jobs that include the qualities they want in a new hire along with the professional experience they want their candidates to have? Imagine no more. It’s happening and Chana Schoenberger tells us about it in, “Help Wanted… but in a Whole New Way,” in the WSJ.

Hiring manager newbies take note! There are some things that you might do that are ruining your chances of acquiring talent. Read about it on The Daily Muse.

Searching for a job? Jacob Share, founder of JobMob, put together of list of 13 search apps for Windows 8.

The Problem With Searching for Online Degrees, Certificates, and Classes

If you’ve ever tried to google the phrases “online degrees” or “online certificates” you have most likely encountered a degree aggregator such as,, Online Certificate Programs, or They’re all the same, really. They present as if they are going to search the Net for all possibilities, but that’s not the case at all; they search their own databases that are filled with information from their partnership schools. Continue reading