Ryan Healy Interview

Today’s jobtalk is with Ryan Healy, one of the co-founders of Brazen Careerist, and the only founder who still works for the company. After my interview with Penelope Trunk, I realized that it’d be great to hear from one of the other founders of Brazen Careerist, so that’s when I emailed Ryan Healy.

As a newbie in the blogosphere, I automatically assume the worst when I contact someone who doesn’t know me – I won’t hear back. So it made my day when Ryan Healy responded to my request for an interview saying that he’d be happy to do it. As the epitome of Gen Y’s resourceful and hardworking, Healy not only serves as a role model for his generation, but also for anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit.

Title: COO

B.S. Accounting, Penn state University, 2006

Age: 27

Healy’s been named as one of the Top 20 Entrepreneurs to Watch by Worth magazine. But I assure you, it hasn’t gone to his head.

Did you start college knowing that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

I was always really interested in business, but I didn’t put together that I wanted to start something on my own and create things from scratch until my sophomore year in college. A buddy of mine who started a business in college took me under his wing. Continue reading