Interview with a Restaurateur

Today’s jobtalk is with John Procaccini, who owns three restaurants in the Princeton area with his brother, Tino. Soon, they’ll add one more restaurant to their portfolio when their Kingston restaurant Osteria Procaccini opens its second location in Pennington.

I interviewed John Procaccini at PJ’s, which he and his brother bought this past August. Procaccini was manning the checkout when I arrived, and for a moment I wondered if he’d actually be able to talk to me or if I’d be having to get soundbites in between his ringing up customers.

Luckily, I did get to steal some of his time, and here’s what I found out.

By the way, check out a review of Osteria Procaccini in the New York Times.

Title: Restaurateur

Education:  B.A. Business Management and Organizational Behavior (minor in entrepreneurship), Rider University, 1997

Age: 36

When did you start buying restaurants?

We bought our first restaurant in 1999. My brother was still in college at Rider. I had just graduated, but I also had a fulltime job. I was the director of International Operations at Sarnoff Corporation. I was in Asia every other week. I did that for 15 years while running a restaurant. Continue reading

Carlo Momo Interview

Today’s jobtalk is with the co-founder of Terra Momo Restaurant Group, Carlo Momo. Teresa’s and Medittera are two restaurants that I always recommend to visitors when they ask me where they should go for a meal in town. And for the best chocolate flourless cake you’ll ever want to have, head over to the Terra Momo bakery. You won’t be sorry.

To find out more about Terra Momo Restaurant Group, check out their website.

Title: Co-Founder of Terra Momo Restaurant Group

Education: International Relations and Economics, St. Joseph’s University

Age: Undisclosed

I read that you and your brother, Raoul, grew up helping your parents run their Italian specialty food store. Did the two of you always know you wanted to open restaurants?

Quite the opposite. Continue reading